Komodo 12 PadWalker warning

K12 warns me about it working better with PadWalker but gives no clues as to how to install it. I guess I could have used PPM but that’s gone in 5.28

Hi @colindavidfoster,

Padwalker isn’t mandatory but you should be able to install it through cpan.

You are correct that PPM went away a little while ago. ActiveState is investing in platform.activestate.com which would allow you to make your own Perl build but unfortunately Padwalker isn’t available yet when creating a Perl build.

  • Carey

I did try CPAN but it failed because I didn’t have “dmake”, so I got that from CPAN and then I didn’t have “link” by which time I has spent too much time trying to get PadWalker and not enough time actually debugging with Komodo, so I gave up

@colindavidfoster, alright. As I said, it’s not required so feel free to debug without.

  • Carey

linux, KomodoIDE nightly.
I have installed PadWalker in my system, but Komodo display the warning anyway. How to configure Komodo for using PadWalker?


Make sure Komodo is using the Perl you used to install Padwalker. Edit menu > Prefs > Languages > Perl

  • Carey