Komodo 11: "New File From Template" dialog replaced by the commando "Go to anything"?

In Komodo 11 I does not have the dialog “New File From Template”, it’s replaced by a the commando “Go to anything”.
Is it the new behavior or a bug ?
Now I can’t choose an “empty” template and get the associated file type…
And I can’t choose the folder of the new file neither.

This is by design, you can create empty templates for languages not covered via your toolbox. You can choose the folder for the file when you save it.

Ok, thank you for your response.
(But I prefer the previous dialog…)

@joliclic, Could you explain why? I used the previous dialog for as long as I used Komodo (5 years now I think) and I prefer this new workflow. It’s much faster to get a template open of a particular type which is the point of the workflow.

This isn’t very actionable input other than “change it back” which I personally think would be a mistake since the new workflow is faster.

Well, I will try to not be hermetic to change.
I have tried again, and what I miss now is the possibility to change the category of the templates.
The commando propose to me 31 templates. In the toolbox, in File Template, I can find some templates, and my owns templates. But I can not find all the templates of lib/support/default-templates/All Languages.

Is it possible in the commando to navigate thru all templates ?


All templates that are available are listed. We’ve included templates for all of our first class languages and some other common formats.

We moved the template mechanic to the Toolbox so it’s very easy to add any that are missing for you. View menu > Tabs & Sidebars > Toolbox: click the gear icon in the top right > New Template.

Here are the docs for more information:

Are you missing your templates? I believe this issue was reported and has been fixed in the latest nightly.

  • Carey

And thanks! That is truly appreciated. We understand the feeling and appreciate it.