Komodo 10 Menu behavior on Linux

If i click on the three-line icon on the right and move the mouse over the menu that pops up (preferred the old menu bar at the top of the application) once I have activated a submenu of a top level menu like Code->Comment Region, etc., I cannot activate another top level menu item [Edit, Navigation, View, etc] just by putting the mouse over it. I have to hit the escape key in order to get out of the popped-up sub-menu.

Is this the expected behavior - the escape key - must be pressed in order to get out of a pop-up menu?

There’s a bug with these menus (something related to Mozilla) on Linux. So yes, sometimes you have to press Esc to get out of a sub-menu.

You can enable old menu bar under Hamburger Menu - View - Toolbars - Show Menubar