Komodo 10 IDE: Color Scheme help

I’m having trouble with a reference popup I get when coding in Python. If I hover over a class or function definition and hold the control key I get a popup. But I’m using a dark theme and this popup is a light grey background with light grey blue text…which is damn near impossible to read. But I can’t figure out where to change the colors settings for this. Partly because I don’t know the official name of the popup. I’m hoping someone can help me out.

It appears this is currently using the foreground color for your color scheme, so whatever value you use in Color Scheme Editor > Editor > Font > Foreground.

If you are using an older color scheme it may be using a language specific value, which is deprecated and not featured in the color scheme editor. In this case I would strongly recommend updating to a new color scheme.

Thanks! Yeah this color scheme got imported from Komodo 9. It was pretty wacky so I’ve been trying to fix the weird parts. I might take your advice and start over.

Edit: Doesn’t look like the Font > Foreground was the color.

Then it’s probably a language specific color, which as I said is deprecated and no longer supported in the color scheme editor in Komodo 10.

The only way you could fix this is by editing the color scheme file (the ksf file) manually.

I started over with a default color scheme and started redoing my setup. But sometime during that process the same issue popped up. I’m trying to back track on it now. :frowning:

Got it! There is a setting called Default that exists in the Editor settings and the Language Specific settings. The Language Specific settings override the Editor settings and the Python color was set to the light gray blue.

Right, that’s what I was talking about :slight_smile: Seems I was wrong about the part that it isnt in the new color scheme editor though.

Glad you got it sorted.