Komodo 10 How To Create A Folder

I have tried to create a new folder within another folder but komodo 10 would not allow me do this. In komodo 9 I would have right-clicked the folder I want to create a new folder in and chosen the New Folder option from the context menu.In komodo 10 nothing happens when I rigth-click the folder I want to create a new folder in.
How do i accompolish this task in komodo 10?

Please ignore this post because I have justdiscovered that the context menu comes up if you right-click the target folder just right of the down arrow that lies to the right of the folder name.

Are you talking about the file explorer widget in the left pane (Places)? You should be able to right click anywhere on the folder name.

Yes, that is what I am talking about.And since I sent in post, I have done what you have said and it worked.It is all part of a learning curve re komodo 10 after being used to komodo 9.


I’m very confused, there is no difference in creating folders in Komodo 9 vs 10. Could you perhaps make a screenshot of what you were trying to do and didnt work, and what you ended up doing?

When you are using the explorer (Places), there are two down arrows in the topmost area of the explorer to the left of the editor.The first arrow on the left relates to projects and the second down arrow on the right relates to opening directories. When you right click in the space relating to the directories down arrow, nothing happens but when you rigth click in the space relating to the projects down arrow, a context menu appears.
My mistake was that I was right cilcking in the area relating to the directories down arrow and, consequently, no context menu appeared.


The thing is what you are describing should not be an issue, hence why I ask for a screenshot as either I am miss-understanding your meaning, or I am understanding it correctly but need verification so I can determine if this is a bug.

I do not have a screenshot re this issue. All I can suggest is that you try to right-click in the topmost area of the explorer to the left of editor starting from the left of the first down arrow on the left.As you get closer to the left edge of the editor, a context menu will stop appearing when you right click. This is the area that does not respond to right clicking because it belongs to the second down arrow (the Directories functions arrow) and not the projects arrow.


How close to the edge are we taking? If you get to within 16 pixels of the edge it will indeed stop working as that is effectively the scrollbar.