Komodo 10.2 Pre-Release Now Available


Today we’re pre-releasing Komodo 10.2.0. This version contains a ton of fixes and some cool new features we’re excited to share with you. Before you go and download this pre-release please consider that this version is at an ALPHA stage and should not be expected to run without bugs. It WILL be lacking in polish and stability. That said, let’s run through some of the biggest changes:

Click here to download the 10.2 Pre-Release

Please Report Bugs

The whole point of this pre-release is for us to be able to flush out any bugs that we might not run into during our own testing. So please, if you run into issues - report them!

The Changes

Unit Testing Overhaul

Unit testing has been completely redone from the ground up to better facilitate the huge variety of testing frameworks out there. The new implementation uses parsers to interpret your unit tests the same way you would if you were to run them from the command line. This means Komodo doesn’t even particularly care what command you use to run your test, as long as it’s able to understand the output.

Unit testing comes with the following new features (depending on whether your framework supports it):

  • Go to Test Definition
  • Run/Debug Test
  • Filter by test
  • Filter by custom query
  • Support for custom frameworks (provided they output a format Komodo understands)
  • Ability to run tests in their own window instead of in a widget
  • New and improved UX

As of this time it supports the following output parsers:

  • TAP (Test Anything Protocol)
  • TeamCity
  • pytest
  • Go (Golang)

Additionally, Komodo will provide built-in support for the following frameworks:

  • PHPUnit (PHP)
  • PyTest (Python 2 and 3)
  • Prove (Perl)
  • Mocha (Node.js)
  • RSPec (Ruby)
  • Go (Golang)

Undoubtedly there will be some bugs here and there with the huge variety of frameworks and software projects out there, so be sure to report bugs you experience with the new Unit Testing overhaul!

Slack Sharing

Like most people in the tech industry we actively use Slack at ActiveState. It’s only logical that Komodo would facilitate the use of Slack where it’s relevant to do so. So with Komodo 10.2.0 we added the ability to share snippets, diffs and various other types of text that Komodo handles. This makes it super simple to share your work with colleagues on Slack, without having to ctrl+c and ctrl+v everything over.

Yarn Support

If you use Node.JS you’ve probably heard of Yarn, an innovative new package manager that solves a lot of the problems NPM created. Primarily it addresses the redundancy and performance issues that plague NPM.

Komodo adds support for Yarn in the same way that it currently supports NPM. You will be able to interact with Yarn through “Go to Anything” as well as through a new toolbar button that appears if your project uses Yarn. This makes it super easy to work with Yarn without having to leave the comfort of your IDE.

Ruby on Rails Updates

Komodo has supported Ruby on Rails for years now, but our tools had gotten a little bit dated for those of you using the latest and greatest Rails version. With Komodo 10.2.0 we’ve brought everything up to date again.

Django Tools

We’ve added a ton of new Django tools to Komodo. So many we couldn’t have done it all ourselves–and we didn’t. ActiveState fully supports and embraces open-source, so when we explored the type of snippets/tools we wanted to create we thought “why not use what the community has contributed?”. So we sourced our snippets from Djaneiro, an amazing repository of Django tools for Sublime Text. But wait, Sublime Text? So how do they get into Komodo? With our brand new Sublime Text snippet importer of course! It’s not quite ready for general use, but we hope to see it in Komodo soon.

Flask Tools

Much like with the Django tools, again we looked to the open source community to see what tools they had created. We eventually settled on some tools from Flask-Sublime and flask-snippets. The latter is an Atom snippets repository, so yep - you guessed it; Atom snippet importer confirmed! Like the Sublime Text snippet importer we hope to see it in Komodo soon.

Tutorials for Catalyst, Django, Flask, Pyramid and Rails

We’ve added a bunch of new tutorials that will help you get started developing for the given frameworks in Komodo. They will walk you through setting up your projects and configuring codeintel for optimal use for each framework. You can access them through your Toolbox > Tutorials or “Go To Anything” using the tutorial name (eg. “Django Setup Tutorial”).

Improved Shell Scope

Komodo has had a “Shell Scope” for its “Go to Anything” feature for quite a while now. It’s incredibly useful for running terminal commands from within Komodo as it provides you with auto completions and argument hints. Unfortunately, the feature has always been a bit hidden and awkward to use as you had to navigate down to the scope just to be able to use it. With 10.2.0 you can now just type your commands in “Go to Anything” and Komodo will provide you completions then and there.

Komodo IDE phpunit guzzle error