Komodo 10.2.0 Alpha issues

Hello, I have been trying Komodo IDE, version 10.2.0-alpha1, build 89744, platform macosx. Built on Thu Jan 5 01:45:22 2017.

With python debugging:

  • I get no error output to the console or the debug output window.

  • The GUI stops responding to clicks and keyboard randomly.


Hi @ahackney,

Thanks for reporting back. The Python issue is resolved and will be in the next release.

Your second point needs much more information for us to address it at all:

  • What are you doing when it freezes?

  • does it come back to life?

  • What’s in your logs?

  • Is it reproducible (randomly implies no but I have to ask)?

  • Carey

EDIT: I moved this to a separate topic to keep it specific to issues you’ve found rather than the 10.2 Alpha release post.