Komdo inserting newlines?

When i open SOME of my PHP-files. Komodo Edit inserts a new line on every other row. How do i get rid of it?

@borjeborjar, i’m not sure why Komodo would be doing that. Can you clarify exactly how your reproducing this? You open the file and Komodo reformats the entire file, adding extra lines? Or every second Enter press you get two?

Also what Komodo version, what OS+version and are you able to reproduce Safe More? Help > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe-Mode

  • Carey

When i open some files (I always go via ftp) some just gets an extra linebreak on every other row, the entire file. Like Komodo reformats it when i save/close OR when i open the file.
I have had this problem some times before, but it always goes away when i close the file (via ftp) and opens it again. But now my quickfix doesnt work anymore. I now run latest 11, but had it like i wrote since v.10.x. Windows 10. Hope you understand or I can sen a screenshot at work tomorrow. (sweden)

@careyh same thing in safemode. This screenshot is in safemode (plus i added EOL and opened it locally to)

Just found the problem, a bit embarrassing. I moved all these files with filezilla. When you dont have filetransfers put to binary, it adds extra linebreaks…

Sry, thank you for the help anyhow, great program!


Glad you were able to sort that out without me! It would have taken a while for me to make that connection!

Nice digging.

  • Carey