KoIDE10 ;; any plans to update the legacy SDK documentation?



  • KoIDE 10.x


  • MacatarianOhlo has been a Ko user for many years (decades?) and she wishes to find more detailed documentation on constructing userscripts (formerly macros).
  • She notices that the current documentation for this has not gotten much love since the legacy SDK days before Ko underwent the latest round of significant changes.
  • In some places, there are “todo” items still left in the documentation that seem to have been there for quite a while.


  • Are there any plans on the roadmap to update or change the way user scripts and addons are produced for Komodo?
  • Is there any alternate location for docs or any user-contributed efforts to help fill in the gaps?


Unfortunately there are no plans to update the old documentation for legacy SDK’s, as they are to be deprecated and removed in favour of the new SDK’s and documentation.

Until then I would encourage your coworker to hang out on our forums or on IRC (#komodo on irc.mozilla.org) and ask any questions she may have there. We’re happy to help someone on their way in developing a userscript.