KoIDE09 ;; abbreviation keywords ;; possible to add supplemental text?


Vorgasha would like to have a “memory jogging” supplemental text on some of her abbreviation triggers. The following example illustrates the scenario.

Hello world Example 01

Abbreviation: hello
OutputResult: {{ml}}Hello World!{{ml}}

Hello world Example 02

Abbreviation: hello – simple helloworld message embedded in ml tags
OutputResult: {{ml}}Hello World!{{ml}}


Is it possible for Vorgasha to setup abbreviations in such a way that she does not have to type the “memory jogging” explanatory text when she wants to trigger the “hello” abbreviation?

Something like an on-hover tooltip would be fine, it does not have to be part of the abbreviation title.

Use snippets with triggers
More infromation here http://docs.komodoide.com/Manual/snippets