Key bindings lost after upgrade

I posted this question on another Komodo forum, but this one is easier to find for me now.

In previous versions, I had a few custom key bindings, but also standard key bindings like F9 for setting a break point, and F10 and F11 for step in and step over, and for example ctrl+L, ctrl+L for line or selection duplicate.

With version 12, I miss a lot of these bindings. I added a few, but I am wondering whether I should first choose one of the schemes that come with Komodo. And if so, which one can do above actions?

I must say I also changed location of all the Komodo settings, so maybe that is why I lost the old key bindings.

Thanks for help. Quintijn

Hi @quintijn,

I feel like I’ve already answered this question. Can you please find your original post and link it here? I’m fairly certain this has been answered.

Of course, here is the link:

Thanks for grabbing that @quintijn,

Could you provide an answer to my question in that post?

You can respond here.

From a version 11 install:

version 54
binding cmd_left Left
binding cmd_selectCharPrevious Shift+Left
binding cmd_historyBack Alt+Left
binding cmd_wordLeft Ctrl+Left
binding cmd_selectWordLeft Ctrl+Shift+Left
binding cmd_backSmart Backspace
binding cmd_back Shift+Backspace
binding cmd_right Right
binding cmd_selectCharNext Shift+Right
binding cmd_historyForward Alt+Right
binding cmd_wordRight Ctrl+Right
binding cmd_selectWordRight Ctrl+Shift+Right
binding cmd_beginningOfWordExtend Ctrl+Shift+W
binding cmd_endOfWord Ctrl+E
binding cmd_newlineExtra Shift+Return
binding cmd_newline Return
binding cmd_newlineBare Ctrl+Return
binding cmd_newlineSame Ctrl+Shift+Return
binding cmd_linePrevious Up
binding cmd_lineNext Down
binding cmd_selectLineNext Shift+Down
binding cmd_lineScrollDown Ctrl+Down
binding cmd_lineScrollUp Ctrl+Up
binding cmd_selectLinePrevious Shift+Up
binding cmd_pageDown Page_Down
binding cmd_selectPageDown Shift+Page_Down
binding cmd_pageUp Page_Up
binding cmd_selectPageUp Shift+Page_Up
binding cmd_home Home
binding cmd_selectHome Shift+Home
binding cmd_documentHome Ctrl+Home
binding cmd_selectDocumentHome Ctrl+Shift+Home
binding cmd_end End
binding cmd_documentEnd Ctrl+End
binding cmd_selectEnd Shift+End
binding cmd_selectDocumentEnd Ctrl+Shift+End
binding cmd_selectAll Ctrl+A
binding cmd_blockSelect Ctrl+B
binding cmd_copy Ctrl+Insert
binding cmd_copy Ctrl+C
binding cmd_cut Shift+Delete
binding cmd_cut Ctrl+Shift+X
binding cmd_cut Ctrl+X
binding cmd_paste Shift+Insert
binding cmd_paste Ctrl+V
binding cmd_pasteAndSelect Ctrl+Shift+V
binding cmd_tabAwarePaste Ctrl+Alt+V
binding cmd_delete Delete
binding cmd_deleteWordLeft Ctrl+Backspace
binding cmd_deleteWordRight Ctrl+Delete
binding cmd_redo Ctrl+Y
binding cmd_undo Alt+Backspace
binding cmd_undo Ctrl+Z
binding cmd_cancel Escape
binding cmd_editReflow Ctrl+Q
binding cmd_toggleOvertype Insert
binding cmd_convertUpperCase Ctrl+U
binding cmd_convertLowerCase Ctrl+Shift+U
binding cmd_join Ctrl+K Ctrl+J
binding cmd_repeatNextCommandBy Ctrl+K Ctrl+U
binding cmd_editProperties Alt+Return
binding cmd_toolsRunCommand Ctrl+R
binding cmd_uncomment Ctrl+Shift+?
binding cmd_uncomment Ctrl+2
binding cmd_comment Ctrl+/
binding cmd_viewIndentationGuides Ctrl+Shift+5
binding cmd_wordWrap Ctrl+Shift+9
binding cmd_jumpToMatchingBrace Ctrl+]
binding cmd_selectToMatchingBrace Ctrl+Shift+]
binding cmd_gotoLine Ctrl+G
binding cmd_findNext F3
binding cmd_findNextSelected Ctrl+F3
binding cmd_findPrevious Shift+F3
binding cmd_findInFiles Ctrl+Shift+F
binding cmd_findNextResult Ctrl+Shift+F3
binding cmd_replace Ctrl+H
binding cmd_replaceInFiles Ctrl+Shift+H
binding cmd_startIncrementalSearch Ctrl+F
binding cmd_startIncrementalSearch Ctrl+F
binding cmd_startIncrementalSearch Ctrl+F
binding cmd_startIncrementalSearch Ctrl+F
binding cmd_startIncrementalSearch Ctrl+F
binding cmd_startIncrementalSearch Ctrl+F
binding cmd_startIncrementalSearch Ctrl+F
binding cmd_startIncrementalSearchBackwards Ctrl+Shift+I
binding cmd_jumpToNextSection F8
binding cmd_jumpToPreviousSection Shift+F8
binding cmd_save Ctrl+S
binding cmd_saveAll Ctrl+Shift+S
binding cmd_new Ctrl+N
binding cmd_newTemplate Ctrl+Shift+N
binding cmd_open Ctrl+O
binding cmd_openProject Ctrl+Shift+J
binding cmd_bufferClose Ctrl+F4
binding cmd_bufferClose Ctrl+W
binding cmd_bufferNextMostRecent Ctrl+Tab
binding cmd_bufferNextMostRecent Ctrl+F6
binding cmd_bufferNextLeastRecent Ctrl+Shift+Tab
binding cmd_bufferNextLeastRecent Ctrl+Shift+F6
binding cmd_bufferNext Ctrl+Page_Down
binding cmd_bufferPrevious Ctrl+Page_Up
binding cmd_helpHelp F1
binding cmd_helpLanguageAlternate Ctrl+F1
binding cmd_helpLanguage Shift+F1
binding cmd_bookmarkToggle Ctrl+F2
binding cmd_bookmarkRemoveAll Ctrl+Shift+F2
binding cmd_bookmarkGotoNext F2
binding cmd_bookmarkGotoPrevious Shift+F2
binding cmd_completeWord Ctrl+Space
binding cmd_completeWordBack Ctrl+Shift+Space
binding cmd_triggerPrecedingCompletion Ctrl+J
binding cmd_focusEditor Ctrl+Shift+E
binding cmd_browserPreview Ctrl+K Ctrl+V
binding cmd_focusSource Ctrl+K Ctrl+S
binding cmd_viewBottomPane Ctrl+Shift+M
binding cmd_viewPlaces Ctrl+Shift+P
binding cmd_viewToolbox Ctrl+Shift+R
binding cmd_reopenLastClosedTab Ctrl+Shift+T
binding cmd_fontZoomIn Ctrl+Shift+=
binding cmd_fontZoomIn Ctrl+Shift++
binding cmd_fontZoomIn Ctrl+=
binding cmd_fontZoomIn Ctrl++
binding cmd_fontZoomOut Ctrl+Shift+-
binding cmd_fontZoomOut Ctrl+Shift+_
binding cmd_fontZoomOut Ctrl+-
binding cmd_fontZoomReset Ctrl+0
binding cmd_viewFullScreen Ctrl+K F11
binding cmd_refreshStatus Ctrl+K R
binding cmd_SCCedit Ctrl+K E
binding cmd_SCCremove Ctrl+K O
binding cmd_SCCdiff Ctrl+K D
binding cmd_SCChistory Ctrl+K H
binding cmd_SCCrevert Ctrl+K V
binding cmd_SCCupdate Ctrl+K U
binding cmd_SCCadd Ctrl+K A
binding cmd_SCCcommit Ctrl+K C
binding cmd_SCCcheckout Ctrl+K K
binding cmd_dbgStepIn Ctrl+F11
binding cmd_dbgStepIn F11
binding cmd_dbgStepCursor Ctrl+Shift+F10
binding cmd_dbgStepCursor Shift+F10
binding cmd_dbgStepOver Ctrl+F10
binding cmd_dbgStepOver F10
binding cmd_dbgStepOver Ctrl+F12
binding cmd_dbgStepOut Ctrl+Shift+F11
binding cmd_dbgStepOut Shift+F11
binding cmd_dbgGo Ctrl+F5
binding cmd_dbgGo F5
binding cmd_dbgStop Shift+F5
binding cmd_dbgNewSession Ctrl+Shift+F5
binding cmd_dbgRun Ctrl+F7
binding cmd_dbgRun F7
binding cmd_dbgBreakpointToggle F9
binding cmd_dbgBreakpointClearAllInURI Ctrl+F9
binding cmd_dbgShowCurrentStatement Alt+*
binding cmd_toggleInteractiveShell F12
binding cmd_toggleInteractiveShell Shift+F12
binding cmd_startMacroMode Ctrl+K (
binding cmd_stopMacroMode Ctrl+K )
binding cmd_executeLastMacro Ctrl+K _
binding cmd_goToDefinition Ctrl+K Ctrl+G
binding cmd_codeBrowserLocate Ctrl+K Ctrl+L
binding cmd_selectRectCharPrevious Alt+Shift+Left
binding cmd_selectRectCharNext Alt+Shift+Right
binding cmd_selectRectLinePrevious Alt+Shift+Up
binding cmd_selectRectLineNext Alt+Shift+Down
binding cmd_selectRectHome Alt+Shift+Home
binding cmd_selectRectEnd Alt+Shift+End
binding cmd_selectRectPageUp Alt+Shift+Page_Up
binding cmd_selectRectPageDown Alt+Shift+Page_Down
binding cmd_runCurrentTestPlan Ctrl+K T
binding cmd_invokeHyperlink Ctrl+Shift+G
binding cmd_homeAbsolute Alt+Home
binding cmd_lineDelete Ctrl+D
binding cmd_lineCut Ctrl+L Ctrl+X
binding cmd_viewLeftPane Ctrl+Shift+L
binding cmd_editCenterVertically Ctrl+M
binding cmd_editMoveCurrentLineToTop Ctrl+T
binding cmd_reloadBrowserPreview Ctrl+K Ctrl+R
binding cmd_scope-combined-toolscmds Ctrl+Shift+K
binding cmd_scope-files Ctrl+Shift+O
binding cmd_scope-openfiles Ctrl+<
binding cmd_goToQuickBookmark_1 Ctrl+1
binding cmd_goToQuickBookmark_3 Ctrl+3
binding cmd_goToQuickBookmark_4 Ctrl+4
binding cmd_goToQuickBookmark_5 Ctrl+5
binding cmd_goToQuickBookmark_6 Ctrl+6
binding cmd_goToQuickBookmark_7 Ctrl+7
binding cmd_goToQuickBookmark_8 Ctrl+8
binding cmd_goToQuickBookmark_9 Ctrl+9
binding cmd_toggleQuickBookmark_0 Ctrl+Shift+0
binding cmd_toggleQuickBookmark_1 Ctrl+Shift+1
binding cmd_toggleQuickBookmark_2 Ctrl+Shift+2
binding cmd_toggleQuickBookmark_3 Ctrl+Shift+3
binding cmd_toggleQuickBookmark_4 Ctrl+Shift+4
binding cmd_toggleQuickBookmark_6 Ctrl+Shift+6
binding cmd_toggleQuickBookmark_7 Ctrl+Shift+7
binding cmd_toggleQuickBookmark_8 Ctrl+Shift+8
binding cmd_lineDuplicateDown Ctrl+L Ctrl+L
binding cmd_showSymbolList Ctrl+F8
binding cmd_viewSymbolBrowser Ctrl+Shift+C
binding cmd_viewRightPane Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R

probably just take this file to the schemes directory of version 12?
Greetings, Quintijn

Yep, that should work. Then go into Edit menu > Preferences > Keybindings and pick your scheme.

Thanks, it did. Greetings, Quintijn

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