Key binding, shortcut or macro to "Terminate Process" in Command output?

In my Toolbox I have a komodotool that executes a UNIX command running in a “Command Output Tab”. I would like to know whethere there is a keyboard shortcut to perform “Terminate Process” that we can accomplish clicking in the right place but not with the keyboard direclty as far as I can see.

If this shortcut doesn’t exist in this moment, is there some way to accomplish this - say with a macro or some tricky command that I could transform into a komodotool and assign some triger to execute it from the keyboard?


@ecterrab there is no default key binding for this action.
But this can be accomplished by creating a small userscript and assigning a key binding for it.

Create a userscript with the following content:;

You can than assign the keybinding:

Hop this will help.

Babobski, thank you so much! It worked perfectly and is exactly what I was looking for. Also, do you happen to know how could I adjust the fonts / colors shown in the Command Output? I tried different things in the preferences but couldn’t identify where, they are not the same fonts / colors of the main window. I prefer to code using Text file type and the Command Output Tab seems to be using some file type fonr & colors that is not Text.

Glad to help.

For the styling of the command output, I don’t think this is possible to style it trough the “color scheme editor”.
I tried a few things, but I’m unable to style the command output.

It might be possible, but I leave this question open for the guys of komodo to answer.