[K11, Ruby] Is there a way to hint the type for my objects to help K11s CodeIntel?

Let’s say I am defining a method:

def start(stage)
# stuff happening here with 'stage'

Is there a way to tell Komodo what the class of ‘stage’ is going to be?

In RubyMine for example, I can have something like this in my code:

# @type my_var [String]
my_var = magic_method

Is there anything similar in K11?

I’m sorry, this is not currently possible.

Hey Nathan, thanks for the quick response.

Is there any workaround I can use to help the CodeIntel?

I’m not very familiar with Ruby so it’s hard for me to say, but in general the less “magic” is going on in your code the easier it is for codeintel to give you relevant completions. Autoloaders basically screw things up a lot because they determine symbol resolution at runtime, and codeintel cannot run at runtime.