K11, debugging Rails

I’m attempting to use the K11 “Ruby on Rails Tuturial” (http://docs.activestate.com/komodo/11/tutorial/railstut.html). The “Before you begin” section says that I need “The Komodo Ruby on Rails extension” (http://community.activestate.com/xpi/ruby-rails-extension). That link takes me to a generic folder containing the “latest” packages. I see no “Ruby on Rails” extension.

I can’t do the ActiveState tutorial if the ActiveState extension is not provided by ActiveState.

I’m using a standard RoR tutorial (the “depot” tutorial from “Agile Web Development with Rails”). I’d like to be able to set a breakpoint in a test (“test/models/product_test.rb”), run the test from a command line (“rake test:models”), have the IDE pause at the breakpoint, and then step into the tested code.

Failing that, I’d like to at least be able to somehow run the tests from within the IDE and pause at the breakpoint(s).

ActiveState marketing material asserts that this IDE supports Ruby and RubyOnRails.

Does it? What am I missing?

The tutorial is unfortunately a bit outdated. Ruby on Rails is no longer a separate extension and is baked into Komodo now. Try skipping that step and continuing along with the tutorial.

Note to get the rails tools into your toolbox you need to hit the Cog icon in your toolbox, head to Import and then click Rails Tools.