K10.2 is intolerant of long lines

I do some fairly long line editing from time to time, and K10 is probably the worst editor for this.

I’ll position my view to the middle or end of the long line, and K10 insists on setting the viewport X coordinate to 0. In addition it seems that when typing text in the middle, it only gives me one character of visibility to the right. Again, this is a hard change to the view.

As long as my cursor is in the viewport, K10 should not be messing with the viewport. There is no reason why K10 has to change the viewport.

Sorry for the trouble :frowning: We’ve received similar forum reports on this and have fixed the problem in the latest nightly build.

OMG. So much better wow.

One question though. The nightly when I started it asked me if I wanted to switch from Chrome to Safari?

Thanks for the fast response.

Sorry, I wouldn’t know about that. If it’s just a one time thing it’s probably not a big deal.