K10.2 gets _really_ slow after a while

Also, due to the move to GitHub to maintain issues, some of them might be lost by now even if you’ve reported them on the previous bug tracker. So don’t be scared to file them again if you face with them :slight_smile:

Same here, have got 3 development macs with 10Gb of RAM and HDD/SSDs.
Using one at a time, and all 3 give the same result … complete freezing and going above 100% of CPU usage and about 8-9Gb of memory usage. Working with PHP with about 10 files opened and making simple editing …
Will try now 10.2.2 and will report back.
Previous versions were much better than 10!
Sometimes need to switch to Sublime in order to continue on working, that does not have such issues.
Disappointed with latest update … and for sure version 11 update will not be for free …

The 10.2.2 update is free and is seeking to solve exactly this problem.

I appreciate you are frustrated but lets not dismiss an entire product update based on one single issue.

The nightly that I am on is very nice.

Ctril-F (bring up the find bar) seems unreasonably slow. I’d expect it to complete in milliseconds, but it seems to take ont he order of a second. And given that it disappears far more often than it should, it’s frustrating.

But the typing issues I was experiencing seem to be gone!

There’s a small delay but it’s not 1s for me. Are you able to reproduce it in safe-mode?

I’ve rebooted into safemode. I’ll let you know in a week. I wasn’t using anything out of the ordinary, just a lighter color scheme.

@nathanr 10.2.2 is not released via official channels. Still running on 10.2.1 and “Check for updates” reports that there’s nothing available (I have the full subscription or whatever it’s called paid per year). Running Komodo on Linux (been with you guys since Komodo Edit 4). I assume 10.2.2 is a nightly release, that possibly contains bazillion of other untested things?

I would like to confirm slowness reported by previous posters. At some point IDE just became a snail, especially after some time. And yes, that was around ver. 10. I am either using projects or scoping (“Set this directory as root”).

It’s slow on machines with 8-24GB of RAM - circling between Intel i5-6200 with SSD & AMD hex-core main dev machine. At some point typing becomes so slow it’s just mega annoying. I wanted to report it before, but in the account section it’s impossible to find “Support” or whatever related to help. Today I got annoyed after needing to restart Komodo for the third time.

You do have a problem with KOMODO IDE becoming super slow - especially after some time. OS is not swapping, there are no weird processes running in the bg stealing CPU or doing something stupid. I have a SSD. It’s Komodo eating the resources and making itself extremely slow.

I am working with larger PHP projects. I could understand if I had a cheap supermarket laptop/computer - but we are talking about business machines with decent internals, SSDs and bazingaload of RAM. I have often 10-20 files open - and I cannot think others have the comfort of working with max 3 files at a time.

@ToddZebert “had enough”. If release 11 does not address this issue, I am jumping the ship, too.

10.2.2 is coming really soon. Nightly builds are usually stable though, so you can give it a try.

10.2.2 specifically addresses this issue, I don’t see how it not being released officially is relevant to us addressing the issue. It will be released soon.

I upgraded yesterday to 10.2.2. Previously Komodo was getting sluggish after 2-3 hours of use - now it gets there within the first 30 minutes. It hogs into one of the CPUs and regular intervals and that dramatically affects file editing.

Please continue to use it for a while, it’s very unlikely that 10.2.2 would cause this. I’m guessing this is correlation, not causation.

Unfortunately the problem is still there - both on my laptop (i5+ssd+8GB RAM) and main desktop (AMD hexcore, 16GB RAM, reg. hdd). From my observations it looks like codeintel is slowing down the GUI (resulting in horrible editing experience). Something is blocking somewhere - and if codeintel is slowed down by anything - be it remote fs or large amount of files or a combination of these - or just a busy disk - then that sets its footprint on GUI reaction time.

Both machines run the same Komodo IDE 10.2.2 - and have different profiles, created at different times and with slightly different settings. SCM integrations are disabled in Komodo in both places.

As it was written by someone before - at some point Komodo Edit and IDE just became mega slow. Could be said codeintel and some pretty well hidden blocking that degrades performance?

Given the nature of codeintel it could also be the size of the projects you are working on. You could limit codeintel’s scope from preferences.

Regardless, this issue will be addressed for Komodo 11. We are largely rewriting codeintel and almost all of it will in the future live in a separate process.

If you’re thinking it already lives in a separate process, that’s partly true. Certain parts do live in a separate process at the moment, but it only amounts to about 50% of codeintel. In fact some of the heaviest stuff (the semi-parsers) are still running under the main process, which definitely contributes to Komodo slowing down.

That explains the problem. Throwing a large project and expecting codeintel to “help” also when it comes to for example vendor directory is a no go if that’s part of the same thread/process.

I assume it should be enough to switch off code scanning in options? I would like to retain some parts of the intel “within the same file variable and function autocomplete” and for example tooltips for PHP functions. Will removing a checkmark from “Include all files and directories from the project base directory” work? Even if I am not working with a project, just scoping via “Make this directory root”?

Or is there a better way to nuke codeintel and just keep the bits I named above (PHP tooltips+within the file variable/function)?

You cannot turn off codeintel, but you can limit its scope. Primarily by:

  • Setting exclude directories (eg. vendor dirs) in Project preferences
  • Setting the max scanning depth in Prefs > Code Intelligence > Code Scanning

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I’m not getting them too, btw.

I just wanted to update on this.
Komodo IDE, version 10.2.2, build 89904, platform macosx.
Built on Mon Jun 12 12:21:57 2017.

Is still slowing after about a day of being open. Things that are instant start to take a few ms more. After a week of being open, it’s ‘beachballing’ constantly. I’m talking little things like after keystrokes. If I try to shift-highlight something then it’s going to take 10s or 100s of miliseconds to respond.

of particular issue is deleting or inserting blank lines, the dexy is not redrawn for some time. I don’t know why that would be a code intel thing.

My machine has changed though, I’m now on
MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)
3.3 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3


Please try the test build found in initial comment of this ticket:

Look for the Note From Developer - Please Read section.

That build might help.

  • Carey

My reported build is 89904, which is after the proposed build of 89898. I would assume the fix is in 89904 as well?

I last opened my Komodo about this time on wednesday, and just started beach balling on whitespace changes. It’s even beachballing on mouse clicks, no changes in the editor.