K-IDE 10.1.1 - Search in files - Directory choices

Hi. After a little customisation and readjustment I’m loving Komodo 10. However the “Search in Files” feature has been annoying me for some time and it needs some attention.

My main issue is with the list of directories in the “Search in Files” dialog.

I have half a dozen projects. It seems that every time I change projects (which is fequently) and I try to search for something, I have to go into the directories dialog box, remove the directory for the last project, and find the directory for the current project before I can start searching. This is really frustrating, especially since there’s a perfectly good “recently used directories” dropdown list that only seems to remember one or two of the directories I’ve visited and seldom contains the one I need. The online documentation doesn’t really talk much about this feature so I don’t know if there’s a setting somewhere that controls the number of files it will remember.

It would be easier to use if:

  1. the recently used directories dropdown remembered more directories, or if this was easily configurable.
  2. the directories listed in the “directories to include” dialog were automatically stored with the project settings, and were automatically restored when I change projects.
  3. When presented with the “Select directories in which to search for files” dialog, it would be nice to be presented with a list of recently used directory collections to make using it faster.

Implementing ideas 1 and 2 would make 3 unnecessary.

By the way - I really appreciate you making the change to icons for the four search options (whole word, match case, regex, etc). Those checkboxes without labels in v9 were very difficult to use.

Keep up the good work.


Have you used the “Search in project” feature? I tend to use this a lot myself. Additionally you can quickly search inside a directory by ctrl+clicking it in the breadcrumbs (statusbar).