K edit 11 OSX file permissions change

any saved file will not allow me to make changes. The dialog box says I don’t have permission to edit the file. I checked the permissions in the file system and each of the files no effect. I installed the software on a different computer that the original before selling the old computer.

If I do a SaveAs and rename the file the problem disappears until the next time I start Kimodo Edit.

Could you elaborate on this? What did you find out? Which user owns the files and are you starting Komodo as that user?

  • Carey

OSX has a permission system that I thought was the problem. all of the files say I have read and write permissions. the same is true of the folder containing them.

I created the files. the operating system says I own the files. Where is that information in Komodo?

I’m not sure if we display which user you’re running Komodo as. Who can create a toolbox command that runs whoami to see who you’re logged in as and confirm it’s who you think it should be.

  • View > Tabs & Sidebars > Toolbox

  • Right click in toolbox > Add > New Command

  • in the Command field write whoami

  • Click Ok

  • Double click the new command in the toolbox

  • Carey

the user name is the old one from the old computer. the difference is only a space but where can I change it to the new one

Komodo starts as the user you’re logged in as. We can’t change that for you. If whoami says you’re s different user then you’ll need to logout from that account and into the account you want to be on. That’s just how OSX works.

I created an HTML document last night from the “new file from template”. This morning it is locked saying I do not have permission to edit. Every file I have created since I got this computer is locked the next day. There is only ONE user on this computer, I am the sole user and so the only admin, No Guest Users.

I’m really not sure @PhatPhrank. Komodo doesn’t do anything special. It just writes the file to disk as the user that you’re logged in as. If it was doing something else I really think many many more people would be complaining about this issue. I would direct your focus outside of Komodo as I’m 90% sure Komodo is not the root cause here.

A couple things you should try:

  • create a file in Komodo, check it’s permissions in terminal, confirm that the correct user created it, stop and start Komodo, see if permissions changed

  • Is there a process doing something with files on your disk?

  • confirm you’re not starting Komodo as super user or sudo

  • I believe there is a program you can use to “watch” a file to see what processes touch it. Try tracking a file you’ve created from Komodo and see if anything (even Komodo) touches it when it’s not supposed to and changes it’s permissions.

  • You might have a bad umask which saves your files to disk with inappropriate default permissions. I know that’s a thing on Linux. Maybe it’s also on OSX since its a Unixs system under the hood.

  • Carey

It was not your software. The same problem appeared on a different application. The Genius Bar ran a utility that ended the problem. Thank You for all your effort!

@PhatPhrank, thanks for digging. Do you know what the problem ended up being? Or Genius Bar silently fixed errors it found?

I ask for users that might find this thread later on with the same problem

  • Carey