JS style comments for SCSS

Does it make sense to use Javascript // comments in SCSS source files by default? In other words, when I press Ctrl-/ to comment-out one or more lines in a SCSS file, it seems awkward to end-up with /**/ comments that will end-up in the compiled CSS file.

For my own workflow, I prefer to explicitly write /* this styles section foo */ for the comments I want to keep in the compiled CSS.

Comments? Can’t decide if it’s an enhancement request or just a personal preference. -Clark

I think it does, if you’re looking at the documentation it would make sense to use // comments even on larger comment blocks, because the comments aren’t outputted. From an optimization view it’s better to not output the comments, less lines of code makes your site/application faster. I think most of the times you don’t want to output the comments, but only want to disable a piece of css or the comments are for internal use only.

Maybe it’s an idea to make it a setting just like on php files, on php files you can choose witch comment style you prefer as default.

Please consider filing an enhancement request for this. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Looks like @mitchell changed it already in #866. Nice job!