I mam afraid that I have been encountering some extreme difficulty in trying to see/view a simple Javascript file in my web browser!! Here is my code :

<head><title>My Little Bit Of Javascript</title>
document.write("Hey here is some of my JavaScript.");
<body bgcolor="black"  text = "yellow">
<p>Here is my best attempt at doing < /br> some JavaScript. </p>

aLL that I ever see in my browser is the javascript code itself! What could I be doing wrong anyway? I am very frustrated about this.

Are you sure it’s a Komodo bug? I sure it’s not. Ask about it on stackoverflow :smile:

“Are you sure it’s a Komodo bug?” NO I never reported this [problem] as a Komodo bug! It’s either a particular setting in my web browser or my ignorance of writing a proper Javsascript file which is the basic problem.

And there are no reasons to ask about it on this forums in “Support” category. Stackoverflow is your best choice in this case. But did you looked in the browser’s console?

What Defman means is that these forums are meant for Komodo support, not general language support. You’re free to ask but it’s by no means the best resource for it. I would also recommend trying Stackoverflow.

That said, you are doing a document.write in the <head> section of the webpage, you need to put it in the <body>.

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it’s a old post but begin by this :

to learn js/html/php