JavaScript console.log output

Hello, folks.

Is there a way to run JavaScript within Komodo Edit so that output appears in the lower panel of Komodo Edit?

A simple RUN button would be nice – maybe I’m missing it. Thank you!

var age = 25;
var name = “Maggie”;

if (age > 14) {
console.log (“You may not enter!”);
} else {
console.log ("Welcome " + (name) + “!”);

Hi, I think you’ll have to set up a Run Command (via the Toolbox) that points to a JavaScript interpreter that executes your file.

Actually this is what Run Code In-Line does exactly, you don’t need Run Command :slight_smile:

You can also use Ctrl+B to perform @nathanr’s suggestion.

Oh, I wasn’t aware Komodo Edit had the run-in-line feature.

Okay, thank you gentlemen. However, yes, I don’t see that feature in Komodo Edit.

I’m merely a student of JavaScript – not ready to invest in a full IDE. Glad to hear the feature exists in the paid software though, I guess. :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

Oh sorry, I missed that bit. In that case you can either follow Mitchell’s suggestion or use the Console widget in the bottom pane of Komodo.