Jade Syntax Highlighting

Is there a jade-lang plugin or has anyone made a custom syntax for the jade preprocessing language? If so, please share.

I really think this aught to be an included syntax considering how extensive the support is for other Node.js editing needs.

Someone has created an addon for it here: https://github.com/rkgarcia/JadeLang4Komodo

I have asked them to submit it to the Komodo resources but no response thus far. Might just do it for him.

Excellent! Is there also a guide for installing something in this format?

Download it: https://github.com/rkgarcia/JadeLang4Komodo/raw/master/jade_support-0.1-ko.xpi
And drag’n’drop it onto Komodo window and it’s install automatically. (wait about 5-10 seconds until Add-ons window will opened). Do not forget to reboot Komodo after installation! :smiley:

Detailed instructions: http://komodoide.com/resources/install-instructions/#pane-addon