Issue with PHP debugging

i installed Komodo 11 (trial version) on Windows 7 and I have installed on my PC Xampp with PHP 7.2.
When i try to debug PHP i receive a warning message (failed to configure for local php debugging)
How can i configure Komodo for debugging PHP 7.2?


Hi, please follow these instructions:

PHP 7.2 isn’t officially supported in Komodo 11 but you can make it work with your install fairly easy.

If you rename the following folder to 7.2 it should work:
[Komodo install dir]\lib\support\php\debugging\7.1

I’ve created an enhancement request to try and get 7.2 bits into the 11.1 release:

  • Carey

Ok thanks !!!

Did that work @vehuel? Can we mark that as the solution?