Is there any way to skip to the end of an auto-filled closing bracket?

Hello everyone, long-time wannabe programmer that’s dabbled in various languages, but I’m finally getting serious and going all in with Python & Javascript.

I’ve used different IDEs, but so far I’ve enjoyed Komodo IDE the most. I really like the feature that automatically adds the closing tag [how typing in < head> will automatically fill in < /head> after it], but I was wondering if there was a way to skip to the end of a filled in tag?

For example, say I’m making an ordered list, it’s a bit of a hassle after longer programming sessions to have to move from keyboard to mouse to click to the next line.

It’s an incredibly minor inconvenience, and I know I can simply disable the autocomplete-tag feature, but I was wondering if there was a keyboard shortcut to skip to the end of the line, end of the current tag, or even better to insert a line beneath the line you’re working on?

Thank you all in advance!

Hey @Mohammad,

Try Ctrl+Shift+z which will highlight the filled in tag. You can then just move passed the tag using the keyboard.

Just and FYI,Ctrl+Shift+Z is "move/teleport Tag’ so if you keep hitting that key binding you can make the tag skip through the document or you can hit the keybinding to highlight the tag, click somewhere else in the document then press it again and it will move the tag there. It’s a slightly faster copy and paste I suppose.

Hi there, the “end” key is the shortcut I think you’re looking for. It takes you to the end of a line you’re writing, which means it should put you at the end of a closing tag. Take a look here for other great shortcuts to make your coding more bearable!
Happy coding!

@martin, looks like you shared a local file. I’m assuming you meant to share Help > List Key Bindings.

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