Is there a way to get Hints as I type them for Arguments that are in an Object/Function?

With CTRL+J I get my Function/Object to come/auto-complete. After selecting the function is there a way to display the next Argument hint as I type them after every comma, a HINT?

I know I can get a tooltip of the object to come up with mouse HOVER+META key.

$myObj->formOpen($formName, $formID, ......);

Am new to komodo, Got tired of Ultraedit Studio getting corrupted… They had this capability and I miss it.

BTW am using a MACbook for komodo

I’m testing this right now using PHP and Windows and I’m getting the expected behavior which is what you’re looking for I think.

I have a function

function blah(int $foo, int $bar, int $foobar) {};

When I’ve typed the “(” I get a tooltip telling me that “blah” takes 3 parameters and their types. As I type a parameter and add a comma, the next parameter in the list will highlight. I don’t need to use Hover + Meta (ctrl + hover on Windows).

What version of Komodo are you using?
Is the workflow I describe above, what you’re looking for?

I also just tested this on my OS X test machine and it’s working.

  • Carey