Is there a portable version of KomodoEdit?

I hate installing tools by *.msi installers.

Instead I prefer urgently a *.zip package which can simply be extraced and
the tool runs out of the box (e.g. from USB flash drive).

This type of portable package offers e,g. the famous Notepad++ editor

Does KomodoEdit offer something similar?

If not: Can this portable zip version be offer with the next release?


This blog is 4 years old by now but still relevant - Komodo IDE on a USB stick

Ok, thank you. But this manually fiddling around to get Komodo portable ist
annoying and not user friendly.

Why not introducing a real out-of-the box portable Komodo-Edit?

Thousands of other program offer this. So Komodo should be able to do this as well.

We may consider it in the future, thank you for your suggestion !

Please do it, It would be great !

Not 100% sure why you would be adverse to using msi installers exactly but you have the option to use the msiexec directly in CMD.

msiexec /qb /a path\to\installer.msi TARGETDIR=C:\path\to\install\directory

Note that when using that method, if you try to install into a protected folder you must start CMD with admin permissions.

No idea if this is information you’re interested in but can’t hurt :slight_smile:

  • Carey