IS OS X Sierra supported?

Just tried running K IDE v 9.3.2, build 88191 in Sierra and it seems that the Main window can no longer be moved, wither on my primary screen or moved to my secondary screen. Hmm I just tried opening a new window and got a strange exception that is somehow related to something I was doing in Safari a week or two ago
Window Title is Komodo Alert. with text Exception: request:refresh TreeOnOpen, message:'Users/gary…pdf does not appear to be a proper local path… and shows the rest of a path to a PDF file where I saved a page in Safari to my local directory. I was just doing a File New… New Window. can do an About Komodo and move that around.
If I try to create a Project NewProject, it creates it but then I get the Komodo Alert again, presumably when it’s trying to create a new window.

I’m using OSX Sierra without issues. Try enabling Preferences > Appearance > Platform Integration > Use native window borders.

Their is using 9.3.2, not X.

Ah, thanks @Defman. Komodo 9 is untested with OSX Sierra. I’d recommend upgrading to Komodo 10.

It looks like you’re hitting this bug:

This is partially resolved in Komodo 10.

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For K9, uncheck “Color HUD with Color Scheme”

I don’t have a K10 license, just 9, and K10 isn’t that big of feature jump for me. Though working on Sierra would be a hell of a feature :wink: