Is JSDoc pre-implemented?


I would like to know if JSDoc is pre-installed or if i need to install a macro to use this tool with call-tips ?

There is a tutorial on the subject with Komodo IDE 11.1.0

@JeremieRousseau, are you asking if there are JSDoc completions in comments or are you asking if Komodo code intel scans JSdoc comments?

  • Carey


I don’t understand how to install this :

I would like to know if i write comments in other file, if komodo scan this file tp create an index added at calltips and use this informations for others files, so yes i wanted to know Komodo code intel scans JSdoc comments.

I added the directory where i save my js files to Preferences->Languages->JavaScript->JavaScript Directories and that work well.

That work but must i wait or there is a keyboard shortcut to call calltips ?

I don’t understand. What worked? It sounds like you’re still not getting completions when you expect them.

To manually trigger completions you can press cltr+j on Windows and Linux, and Cmd+j on OSX but if completions aren’t showing up automatically it usually means there’s nothing to suggest on and manually triggering won’t help.

  • Carey