Is it possible to open codeintell popup from project settings

I noticed in Komodo 11 we have the new codeintell popup.
Is it possible to open this window again from your project preferences?
I saw a re scan button which I think can be useful in some cases.

The popup only shows when 50 or more files need to be scanned, anything under that and it just automatically scans them. The purpose is to prevent cases where Komodo will scan your 10k files vendor folder or something like that.

That said, a manually “scan folder” item would make sense. Want to log it?

Will do :thumbsup:

@careyh thanks, I always struggle with that word (see my latest readme, will fix it later on), now I know :thumbsup: .

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No problem @babobski. It’s the least I can do for how much you help us.

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