Hi all, my name is Pete and I’m Dev Evangelist here at ActiveState. I work with the developer communities for the various language distributions and also Komodo to listen to what your needs are as developers and act as your voice inside ActiveState. I’ll also try to be active here on the forums in terms of helping out and giving you insight into cool features in our products.

Looking forward to “meeting” everyone here on the forums, and will look to help out where I can. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or just want to say ‘hey’.


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Hey :slight_smile: Never heard of Dev Evangelists before.

Hi, welcome aboard.

Stoked to have you aboard @peteg!

  • Carey

Welcome to the team @peteg :slight_smile:

Welcome, @peteg! As devs, we could definitely use more stickers. Can you help?

Welcome to the club @peteg !

Hey everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome! @nathanr @rstewart Time to add stickers to the backlog? :wink: