Installation of komodo editor

Hello there,

I installed komodo editor on window, but I did it not with latest version but oldest version and I could not change it to latest version. I removed the setup files , downloaded them again, but during re-installation the page which enables to select the versions of the program does not open. Is there any solution for that ? Thank you in advance.


@Ufuk38, You can find previous versions of Komodo here

Hello, Careyh firstly thanks for your reply , but I supposed that I expressed myself wrongly since your reply is not what I’m looking for. The version that I downloaded is I thing the oldest available one, but I would like to download the most up-to-date one. When I want to change the old version to the newest version I could not pull it off. I removed the sett up files of old version in my pc then run the installation software the old version is again downloaded. Do you know, how could I install the latest version in this case, thanks.


Ahh, no that was not clear. Download the latest installer if you want the latest Komodo. Latest is 12.0.1.