Insert Text with short-cuts

Very often i would like to insert one of five small texts


The fastest way is now with



move /* from top to bottom.

But with something like ALT+

it would be faster. Can i do something like this with komodo?

@anjade can you edit your post and wrap your code snippets in either back ticks or click the </> option above where you’re editing your text? I’d do it but it’s not clear what your example is showing me.

I THINK you’re asking for wrapping your code in comments? You can press Ctrl + / to comment out code and Ctrl + Shift + / to uncomment.

  • Carey

Thank you. And no.

I want to add some text just with a short-cut;
normally you copy something Mark+STRG+C, then you insert it with STRG+V;
i would like to have a short-cut like:

STRG+{whatever} to add always the same text into my code, because it write it 5 million times in a day. An alternative would be another program to have more than one copy and paste; then i could copy the needed things one time in the morning and never touch them, while copy+c is used all the time.

It seems that STRG+D is free; so everytime i press STRG+D i want to insert

“This is a wonderful text”

in my code.

Ahhh understood. You’re looking for Auto Abbreviations Snippets,

You can add them per language and give them specific trigger names which will cause the snippet to be injected when you type mysnippet then “Space”. There is also a command you can set a keybinding to in Prefs > Keybindings: Search for “Insert Abbreviation…”. The docs should explain how to get started but please let me know if you have further questions.

  • Carey