Insert Abbreviation Snippet by Name broken in 10.2

I’m reporting this here because I’m not sure it’s a bug, or if it’s working as designed. Either way, it’s annoying as hell. Hopefully somebody can offer a solution.

Since upgrading to 10.2 on Windows, the function “Insert Abbreviation Snippet by Name” seems to have stopped working.

I have this function bound to Ctrl+T, and it’s always worked before.

When I try to use it, I see a message my snippet wasn’t found. The snippet exists in the most likely toolbar folder.

Thanks in advance.

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I’m fairly certain this is fixed in the latest nightly:


Apologies for the hassle @cdcmicro

  • Carey

OK, great. Thank you for the quick reply.

The nightly build is great, but I’m not sure if or how it helps me. Is it something I can patch on my own without having to install a parallel nightly version?

The nightly is basically a pre-release for 10.2.1. I’m currently (and the entire dev team is) using it in our day to day work so you should be able to install it and use it instead of Komodo 10.2.0.

If you don’t want to do that I could post the patch here too and you can manually apply it.

  • Carey

OK, understood. I’ll see how the nightly works out

Thanks again for your assistance.


Not a problem at all @cdcmicro.

  • Carey

In case anyone is looking for it:

@careyh can you please post a patch? can you please post instructions on how to apply the patch?

Downloading and running the .msi produces this error message:

Uninstall Komodo first.

@dreftymac, looks like you have another Komodo nightly installed on your computer. You’ll have to uninstall that other version before installing Komodo.

  • Carey

Took the plunge and installed the nightly. Thanks a bunch for the fixes.

Question: Does the nightly version retrieve updates, like for the next nightly?

Yes, currently you are on the nightly channel. Once we release 10.2.1 final Komodo will prompt you to upgrade to that then you’ll be back on the release channel.

  • Carey