Indentation Guides not showing up

I downloaded Komodo Edit today and use it to learn Python.
The Indentation guides is shot showing up, even I turn it on, Editor -> Indentation -> Show indentation guides.

The version of Komodo Edit is:

Komodo Edit, version 11.1.0, build 18196, platform macosx.
Built on Wed May 23 00:03:29 2018.

Can anybody help? Thanks.


Can you double check that it’s not the colour scheme you’re using? Tools > Color scheme editor and change it back to the default skin and editor scheme. Make sure you click Apply when done and apply it to, at the very least, the Editor.

  • Carey

Thanks @careyh, it was the problem of the choice of colour scheme. I need to play around with it. Thanks again.

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No, problem at all.