Impressed with EOL handling

I’ve recently found Komodo after a lot of searching, and as you might know I’ve already filed some bugs (i.e. complained :wink: ) about some things. Tonight I just wanted to stop by and pay some compliments.

I’m dealing with some BlueGriffon bugs (which is why I’m looking for editors), and one irritating one is that sometimes BG throws in an LF for an EOL instead of an CRLF when wrapping on Windows. I was using a regex on Notepad++ to find and fix those. (EmEditor’s current regex won’t even allow [^\r]\n as a regex.)

So I was really impressed when I loaded my file into Komodo, and it automatically found the LF lines and marked them with warnings. And the “Clean Line Endings” method was just a dream.

Very nice work!

At some point it would be helpful to provide a function to convert from one EOL style to the other, regardless of what your settings say. (e.g. If I were editing a Linux shell script on Windows, I might want to convert an CRLF file to a LF file without changing my preferences.)

Anyway the current EOL functionality is really slick and nicely done. Congratulations and thanks!


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@garretwilson you can convert a EOL style to a other by going to you’re file preferences and under file settings you will find the line endings settings here, switching to a other line ending and uncheking the preserve existing line endings. You can convert the EOL style form youre file.

I also wrote a EOL-widget that will show the current EOL setting in the statusbar, and gives you the ability to switch to a other EOL setting. If you change it to the same EOL setting you had, it will do the same as the clean line endings command. (it changes the file EOL to the EOL setting you selected, but with the preserve existing line endings unchecked (can be changed true settings of the addon))

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Thanks for the kind words @garretwilson :slight_smile: It’s unfortunate that as software developers you often only hear from the people with problems, nice to get some compliments for a change :wink: