Import gencix-created NumPy API catalogue into Komodo Edit

Hey there.
I followed to generate an API catalogue for the Python package NumPy.
After importing it into Komodo Edit 8.5.4 (14410) and 8.0.2 (12590), it correctly scans the python packages on my computer, autocompleting the “import numpy” statement.
But trying to autocomplete numpy.max() or numpy.empty() commands fails (e.g. after typing numpy.m)
Viewing the numpy.cix file, however, it seems that the definitions for these commands are in there.
Is it a bug or am I misunderstanding something about the autocompletion?
I pasted a snippet from the error log of Ko8.5.4 below, Ko8.0.2 looks essentially the same (< > is substituted by { } for ambiguity reasons).
Thanks for any pointers!

[2014-06-23 12:21:19,742] [ERROR] koCodeIntel: error evaluating calltip:
trigger: {Trigger ‘python-calltip-call-signature’ at 51}
INFO: eval ‘numpy.max’ at {Trigger ‘python-calltip-call-signature’ at 51}
INFO: start scope is ({blob ‘Python-1’}, [])
INFO: find ‘numpy …’ starting at ({blob ‘Python-1’}, []):
DEBUG: ‘numpy …’ from {import numpy}?
INFO: is blob ‘numpy’ from {Python envlib}? no
INFO: is blob ‘numpy’ from {Python sitelib}? yes
INFO: imports:: setting reldirlib to: ‘C:\Program Files\WinPython-64bit-\python-2.7.6.amd64\lib\site-packages\numpy’
INFO: is ‘numpy’ accessible on ({blob ‘Python-1’}, [])? yes: {blob ‘init’}
DEBUG: _hit_from_citdl: first part: [u’numpy’] -} ({blob ‘init’}, ({blob ‘init’}, []))
DEBUG: _hit_from_citdl: resolve [u’max’] on {blob ‘init’} in ({blob ‘init’}, [])
INFO: resolve getattr ‘max’ on {blob ‘init’} in ({blob ‘init’}, []):
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from future import division}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from future import absolute_import}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from future import print_function}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {import sys}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {import sys as _sys}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from numpy.config import show as show_config}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from .version import git_revision as git_revision}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from .version import version as version}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from ._import_tools import PackageLoader}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from . import add_newdocs}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from .testing import Tester}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from . import core}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from .core import *}?
INFO: is blob ‘core’ from {Python curdirlib}? no
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from . import compat}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from . import lib}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from .lib import *}?
INFO: is blob ‘lib’ from {Python curdirlib}? no
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from . import linalg}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from . import fft}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from . import polynomial}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from . import random}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from . import ctypeslib}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from . import ma}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from . import matrixlib as _mat}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from .matrixlib import *}?
INFO: is blob ‘matrixlib’ from {Python curdirlib}? no
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from .compat import long}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtins import bool}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtins import int}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtins import float}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtins import complex}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtins import object}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtins import str}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtin import bool}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtin import int}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtin import float}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtin import complex}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtin import object}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtin import unicode}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from builtin import str}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from .core import round}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from .core import abs}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from .core import max}?
INFO: is blob ‘core’ from {Python curdirlib}? no
INFO: is blob ‘core.max’ from {Python curdirlib}? no
WARNING: could not import ‘max’ from {from .core import max}
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {from .core import min}?
DEBUG: ‘max …’ from {import warnings}?
ERROR: evaluating ‘numpy.max’ at could not resolve ‘max’ getattr on {blob ‘init’} in ({blob ‘init’}, [])

Can you attached the numpy.cix file?

  • Carey

Here it is: