If (test) // code

Hello. I have used Komodo edit before and I like it a lot but I can’t remember hot to stop it filling out “test” when I write an if statement and “// code” afterwards.

Can anyone tell me how to turn this off please?


You probably created a snippet for this, check your toolbox abbreviations for a snippet with the name “if” under the associated language folder.

Thank you for the response.

I haven’t created a snippet. I don’t even know what a snippet is. I’ve literally just downloaded it today opened it up. I remember it used to do it on the last version and talking about it to someone on the html5 game programming forums, so it’s not just me who has experienced it.

Can you tell me where I would find toolbox abbreviations?

I’ve found the toolbox. I can’t seen anything about if statements in javascript.

Very nicely designed forums by the way!

I’ve figured out how to get rid of it. It’s pretty weird to have this as default behavior, and I bet you’ve lost loads of potential users because of this. You nearly lost me, because it’s so annoying. Who would ever want to have to delete //code after every if statement? How could this possibly be useful?

Oh I see it does it for while statements and for loops as well. This is ridiculous. I can’t delete the snippets, so I have to change them all.

You can change what triggers them (or disable them all) under Prefs > Editor > Smart Editing > Auto-Abbreviations

You should also have seen a notification bubble when they triggered, pointing you in the right direction.