IDE side panel color

Is it possible for the left and right panels to have a white background color? The grey color makes me feel like I have tunnel vision and my peripheral vision is killing me.

You may want to check out the classic skin -

If you want to play with the skin yourself, install Stylish and DOM Inspector. In stylish you could use the following css to style the left and right sidebars:

    background: #FFF !important;

Note that the latest stable version of Stylish does not have support for Komodo enabled (though it will work fine if you modify the install.rdf yourself). I’ve uploaded a modified version of the addon file here.

It looks great in the picture.

I am lost as heck trying to understand what needs to be done. I have 10 hours of coding ahead of me today and it seems like it will take 3 hours to understand how to do this.

If I was only interested in using it and not modifying it is the process easier to install?

I am in windows, I do not have python,ruby,c–pretty much nothing is installed.

  1. Go to the releases section on the linked github repo
  2. Download the latest release
  3. Drag the downloaded file onto Komodo
  4. Install the addon using the prompts given
  5. Restart Komodo
  6. Go into Preferences > Appearance and select the “Classic” skin

Wow…that was easy!!! This is so much easier on my eyes. I know this is subjective…this is perfect!!!

Thank you.

I have been using the Classic Skin and find hard to quickly identify the active document tab because the active tab and the inactive tabs look very similar.

When using Ctr-tab, it is fast/easy to switch from tab to tab, is there an easy way to make the active tab show the filename with bold? Or highlight the filename or anything?