IDE 9 changes for extension/scheme developers?

What sorts of things do those of us who are developing/maintaining either language extensions or color schemes need to be aware of in making sure our extensions/color schemes will continue to work in v9?

What should we be aware of so we can start taking advantage of new capabilities?

I need to rebuild my two language extensions to get them install in v9 (they are currently specified as being compatible with versions up through 8.*), and will follow up if I bump into any problems in getting them to work.

@nathanr Sorry; bad form on my part. I just re-read the blog post announcing the v9 pre-release and see that you have some of this on github. I will go check that out and follow up if I have further questions. (Unfortunately, I am blocked from github at work, so I will do some digging over the weekend.)

Feel free to close/delete my original post.

No worries, I’ll leave it up in case anyone else missed it.

Here’s a direct link to the changes for addon devs:

Also, GitHub blocked at work? Wow … :frowning:

What? For me Github work’s perfectly :smile:

RE github being blocked at work: true and that is probably the saddest thing I will write all day.

As a summary - rebuilding the add-on (using Komodo koext sdk tool) will be enough - that should allow the add-on to continue to support older versions (e.g. Komodo 8) and Komodo 9.