IDE 9.2 toolbox doesn't save

Hi. I have IDE 9.2 on Win7 x64. Since upgrading, I am unable to save snippets in the Toolbox after editing. New snippets save OK. But once I right-click and choose “Properties”, the “OK” and “Apply” buttons behave like they’re dead.

The “Cancel” button asks if I want to save my changes. If I answer, “Yes”, the snippet properties dialog does not close.

If I click the “X” in the dialog’s titlebar, it asks if I want to save, then closes the dialog. Assuming I chose to save, the change stays active only as long as Komodo stays open. It doesn’t “stick” after I reopen.

If right-click and choose “Edit Snippet”, then save, I get an error:

It’s all pretty annoying. Any help you can offer is appreciated.


It’s fixed in the nightly build :smile:

Awesome. Should have thought to look there myself. Thanks for the pointer!