IDE 8.5.4 drag and drop of text stopped working, Windows 7

I’m not sure when, but I can no longer drag selected text. Mouse-down on the selected text does not initiate the drag. I’m not sure when this stopped working, so I’m not sure if it happened at an update or not. Thanks for any help.

Drag and drop is tricky. Sometimes if you don’t click in the right place, drag is not initiated. It took me 3 tries in 8.5.4 before I was able to successfully perform a drag.

Odd, I’ve never had issues with this. @mitchell are you still seeing this issue in the latest version?

I’m quite sure that I’m clicking on the text, including on the actual pixels of the fonts. I have used drag n drop extensively before, so this is a recent regression for me. I just tried a handful of times, in addition to the many handfuls that I’ve done in actual editing where it simply failed to drag.

It is normal for the insertion point to blink after the selected text or lines?

This is bizarre. Drag-and-drop started working today. I first noticed in in a .js file (whereas my other work was in php files). I doubt that’s related. I will update if I can figure out what made it work again, or what made it break in the first place.