IDE 8.5.3 Resumes with cursor in odd positions

When I change tabs, or close and reopen the IDE, the cursor is positioned at the bottom of the file, and way out to the right. I asked this before and was told to expect it as a remnant of older projects. I have all new projects on an all new computer, and it does the same thing.

I can be in a file editing 1/2 way down the file, switch to another file, and back, and the original file cursor is positioned at the bottom of the file. Any ideas?


Could you try installing the latest nightly to see if it gives you the same issue?

That is great. The cursor now goes to the point it was at when the file was closed. If I switch between files, nothing changes. Perfect.


I spoke too soon. Within a few days it started the odd behavior again. It goes to the bottom of the file, cursor halfway toward the end of the longest line, and over the course of several days, all files begin to behave that way. I’ve installed the nightly build twice. I’ve deleted the projects and rebuilt them from directories. Are there maybe some other files somewhere that retain some information?

Stored file preferences are saved in the Komodo profile folder, in the doc-state.xmlc and view-state.xmlc files: