Icons in Komodo IDE 9 build 87098

@nathanr Can you take a quick look at these?

  1. In the screenshot below, I have Komodo IDE 9 build 87098 in the foreground and Komodo Edit 9 15604 (I believe that’s yesterday’s nightly?) in the background. Note the difference in the coloring of the panel icons. Both are set to use the default skin and “IcoMoon - Yosemite” icon set, but this is the first I’ve seen of the bluish panel icons in any of the builds. Is difference in coloring to be expected? I can log this as a bug, if indeed it is, but wanted to ask first?

  2. Note the application icon for Komodo IDE 9 in the Finder window. Logged as bug 106368.

This install of Komodo IDE 9 was a full install rather than a download.

Not a bug IIRC, but “by design”. Or you mean Komodo IDE 9 icon?

The Komodo IDE 9 icon is the one I was referring to…

But you actually said “Komodo Edit 9”. So it is the reason why I was confused a bit.

@defman Yes, sorry. You are correct. I meant to refer to the IDE icon, not Edit.

No worries @rstewart. I edited your post a bit so now everything is correct.

Moved to resolved as I addressed this in the relevant bug report - Ron was experiencing some sort of weird glitch which he was able to work around by removing the .app and then reinstalling it.

@nathanr What about the blue vs. white panel icons? Intentional change with this build?

It’s a bug in the old build, re-applying your iconset (switch back and forth) on the latest build should fix it.