Iconise files in Open Files view?

I like the new style icons in v9.3 ‘Places’ tree menu, but notice the ‘Open Files’ view is still plain white for all file-types. Can these be set to the new icons as well?

Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere.

This is fixed afaik

Sorry, I don’t follow. Fixed? Fixed as in a property fixture that can’t be changed? Or fixed as in mended? If so how? I have version 9.3.0 (Edit) and the screen shots are as it appears now. Or have I missed a setting somewhere? I don’t recall using a setting for the Places tree menu icons though.

The fix will be in 9.3.1, it’s not available atm.

A 9.3.1 nightly should be up soon including this fix.

Very nice. Thanks. :+1: