I want to always push to the server, and never back to the client

I delete one or more files on the server. When I try upload on save, and publish, I get "Remote file has changed ", and the publish tool wants to delete all of my local files. That is understandable. I have to use an ftp client to put the files on the server, then use the publish tool to download them from the server to sync everything back up.

What I would like to do is turn off the ability to download altogether. I only ever want to push to the server. Is there a way to do that?


Hi Dave,

There is no option in Komodo to do that currently. There has been an enhancement request to add this feature:

One point of contension, what happens in the case a remote (server) file is modified, but the local (client) file is still unchanged? Do you want the local file to be pushed to override the remote file?

I use a local git server for source control, and the remote push is always to a staging or production server. Since these servers are public facing, there is always the opportunity for some freak to drop some malware in my files, and they will get automagically inserted in my source control. I always want changed remote files overwritten by local files. The problems with trying to sync both ways far outweigh the benefits (to me). I used rsync in the past, but that’s another thing to maintain, and Komodo is an IDE…