I want RX Toolkit to use Python, but get 'The Rx Toolkit will support the language 'python' once it's installed..."

I use the RX toolkit in Komodo IDE 8. I don’t want the Javascript Regex but the Python one. However if I choose Python I get this message “The Rx Toolkit will support the language ‘python’ once it’s installed…”

This doesn’t make sense: Komodo IDE is supposed to have embedded Python!
How do I do “Komodo is told where to find it.”?

How to I “tell” Komodo anything? I don’t see a preference screen. The Help doesn’t say. FAQs don’t have anything under that error message?

You must configure interpreter for Python in Preferences - Languages - Python.

Do I point at directory, C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveState Komodo IDE 8\lib\python

You must point to python.exe or pythonw.exe. Sorry, I don’t know right name for python interpreter in Windows.

I’m told that phythonw is what one needs to choose.

In any case this worked!

Nice to know it! You’re welcome :wink: