I can't open remote file by scp/sftp

I try to open a remote file on a synology server with scp or sftp (previously it worked). The connection from command line in Ubuntu/Linux 14.0.4 and OSX works fine.

The Komodo ide’s error is “koSFTPConnection: do_authenticateWithPassword:: SSHException: Incompatible ssh peer (no acceptable kex algorithm)”

What can I do?

Thanks a lot

PD: Sorry for my bad English.

I believe Komodo will need an updated Paramiko module (as Paramiko provides Komodo’s underlying remote file access), and the existing Paramiko version may not provide support for the requested key exchange algorithm (not sure what that is - you’d need to dig into your ssh settings to find out).

This Komodo bug 105317, deals with updating Paramiko, which will occur for Komodo 9.

well, I compile the komodo from github and work