I cannot get the Komodo tab to display my php code

Simple html displays on the tab, but whenever I want to use that html or code in conjunction with another file index, my options chosen do not produce a display of the desired outcome. The menu does offer Google or Safari browsers to view the results, or I get a pop-up window that asks for a relative file or index to use with the code I created and saved. I’m thinking that I need to drop the html into a separate file folder along with any relative files and indexes on a MAMP server, in order to preview the results. Is this the only way, or are there shortcuts in the preview features of Komodo that I have configured wrong and/or I am using incorrectly?

Browser Preview just renders the page in a browser engine, it does not run PHP code. To run PHP code you would need to be using Komodo IDE (not Edit), or you could set up your own command via the toolbox.