HTML Tidy and Perl HTML::Template


Is there a way to specify that HTML Tidy should ignore certain tags and not flag them up as errors?

I get errors like:

HTML: Error: <tmpl_loop> is not recognized!"

…because we use the Perl HTML::Template module, which introduces that and other custom tags.


You can use your own Tidy configuration file, simply set the config file location under Prefs > Syntax Checking > Language: HTML > Configuration File.

To find out what configuration variables you can set check


Yes, I looked at that. Didn’t see an option for ignoring certain tags though.


I think this is what you want to be looking at:

Thanks, that does look like the ticket except it (Syntastic) seems to be geared for Vim. I’ll do some more investigation and see if it I can get it to work.

It’d probably make sense for us to add built-in support for these types of settings, I know I’ve ran into a few cases where I’ve wanted to disable tidy from complaining about certain custom attribute tags.