HTML Preview enhancements

On Windows 10 I turned on HTML preview in a split screen for my XHTML5 file.

  1. Unfortunately when I scroll down in the XHTML5 source code, the preview doesn’t scroll accordingly.
  2. When I edit the XHTML5 source code, the preview isn’t updated automatically until I save the document. Why isn’t the editing shown live in the preview?

Hi Garret, these are 2 features that are currently not yet available in Komodo. We have toyed with them and want to implement them, but it seems we have not logged any bugs for them yet.

Please feel free to log enhancement requests for them here:

Thank you

I note that even HTMLKit auto-updates the preview, even without saving.

If you are saying that our browser preview needs some love then all I can see is I 100% agree with you :slight_smile: And it is definitely something that is going to happen. The bug reports would only be a formal way of tracking it with the community.

Gotcha. I have filed issue #945.

If this turns out to be a good editor, and the technical support is good, I will be very supportive. It is so disappointing that all the editors don’t even support basic things like XHTML5. But I’m willing to be active and help if I can find a company willing to work with me. I need a good editor. Nothing out there works, but Komodo seems to be a good start.

We are very, very receptive of feedback, even if the feedback is that we suck at something (although maybe not in those words ;)). So please, if you find room for improvement elsewhere be sure to let us know.